TRIhub Sprint/Standard Triathlon Plan + Weekly Coached Swims

TRIhub Sprint/Standard Triathlon Plan + Swim Coaching (13 Weeks)

Triathlon Training Plan and Weekly Swim Workouts  

  • Includes first 13 weeks of Yearly Training Plan for Sprint or Standard Distance Triathlon (based on 2 “A” races) with 1 coached swim workout per week plus all other additional OYO (On Your Own) for swim, bike, run, bricks and cross training workouts delivered by email from Training Peaks each week.
  • Weekly group workouts are on Sundays @ Acadia Athletic Complex, Wolfville, NS.
    4:45-5:00 PM (On Deck Activation). 5:00 -6:00 PM (Swimming).
  • Number of lanes will depend on registration numbers. (Will need a minimum of 10 people to register).
  • Periodized /progressive training plan for different abilities, based on 5 phases/year and aligned with triathlon season.
  • Coached swim for beginners and experienced swimmers – split with 2 coaches.
  • OYO workouts adapted for experience/fitness level in each discipline, and not intended to be transferable.
  • Facility pass not required for coached workouts but may be necessary for OYO workouts.